You can now earn points for shopping, referring your friends, and posting on social media. You can redeem these points towards Kratom Active products.



Sharing on
Social Media

Here’s how it works..

Shopping online

$1 = 2 point

For every $1 spent you earn 2 points. 
Start redeeming at 500pts = $5.00

Referring Friends

Earn $10 worth points for each friend you refer.
See Below for more details.

Sending the coupons.

Create or login to your account. You will automatically have a unique referral code to send and share.

Creating a new account earns you 100pts.

Create or login to your account.

Send the referral/coupon code to your friends. your friends will receive 10% off on there next purchase.

When they make a minimum purchase of $20 you will receive a $10 credit (1000 points) to your account.

Redeem your points.

Login to your dashboard and view your points. Here you can check if you meet the minumum to redeem.

You are able to start redeeming at 500pts. = $5.00.

Sharing on Social

Earn 50 points by sharing a product or purchase that you made on social media.

**Points will take up to 5 days to credit into your account.  Earned points can only be redeemed with one account.  Cannot be combined to new or already existing accounts.  No exceptions allowed.**